Communications, Public Relations,

and Digital Media specialist


Hello! Iā€™m Lourdes Garciduenas…

I’m a Mexican Communications and Digital Media specialist based in LA, and currently I’m pursuing my Public Relations & Advertising masters degree at USC.

I’m a quick thinker and problem solver that loves a good challenge. Inspired by stories and by storytelling, I want to combine my interests in PR, Communications and Digital Media with my passion for the entertainment industry and fandom culture. I put all my commitment, passion and time to the projects I’m part of, not forgetting my morals, ethics and authenticity.

If you want to learn more about my back story and my projects I invite you to check out my About Me and Portfolio page! Don’t be shy, it’s free šŸ™‚

Digital and Social Media Strategy

With my experience I can help you strategize what is best for you and your brand in Social Media and Digitial marketing.

Public Relations

You want a Public Relations specialist? I can help you. With previous experience and currently being taught by experts at USC, I can fulfill tasks like press releases, marketing campaings, event planning, and more.


With creative storytelling, research, and previous knowledge and experience, I can help you communicate properly your message and most importantly for the public to understand it.

A little bit of what I’ve done…

Advertising Photography

When I was 17 years old I was certified with a Digital Photography diploma. I continued to execute advertising, modeling, and personal photography the following years.

Event Planning

During my Public Relations internship I had the opportunity to be part of the event planning team. There I developed crucial skills for PR practitioner like being able to notice small details, work in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment, and most importantly, making the clients happy by giving them extraordinary events.

Speaker Event

With my undergrad student group I organized multiple events. One of them was a speaker event we did once a year, where we invited impactful speakers to give a lecture to high school and college students. Here I was in charge of contacting brands and obtaining sponsorships, contacting speakers, and creating the social media advertising.


I strive to work hard, always giving my best and being true to myself and my morals while making people happy across the world with the product me and my team create.


The entertainment industry can change someone’s life and positively impact them. With my passion for PR, Communications and Digital Media, I want to contribute to that positive movement.


My parents implemented good values and morals into my education while raising me and I strive to continue applying them in my future personal life and work life.