Creative Brief

Creative Brief
CLIENTLululemon – Launch of women’s basketball apparel line
DESCRIPTION:Lululemon is looking to create an advertising campaign for the launch of its first apparel line for women’s basketball.
TAGLINE:BasketBold: Wear Your Power
PREPARED BY:Lourdes Fernanda Garciduenas Garcia
DATE: 03/27/24

Who is the target audience?

For this campaign, we have two target audiences: high school girls and college women. They will typically fall in the age range from 18-26 years old. The target audiences will also have some of these traits if not all of them: passion for basketball, need for athletic wear that will make them feel more confident and comfortable during their period and every day no matter the time,  admire Juju Watkins, desire to improve in basketball, and desire for more movable outfits on the court and practice days. These target audiences will also most likely support a brand that aligns with their values including authenticity, inclusivity, and social responsibility, and that their products reflect their aspirations and desires. The target audiences will also be in the middle-to-high income range families. 

What is the goal? 

The primary goal of the BasketBold: Wear Your Power campaign is to empower and support high school girls and college women basketball players by promoting Lululemon’s first-ever basketball clothing line in collaboration with Juju Watkins to increase sales of the clothing line and Lululemon products in general. Through storytelling and engaging ads, this campaign aims to highlight the unique features the clothing line has to offer female basketball players like its innovative technology addressing period discomfort and leakage prevention and the designs made for their high-mobility sport. By fostering this sense of community and empowerment, Lululemon seeks to reinforce its commitment to supporting women in sports and position itself as a top brand for women’s basketball apparel. 

Why do we need this ad?

This ad is needed because it promotes inclusivity, addresses specific needs female athletes have when it comes to their apparel that other athletic apparel companies have overlooked, it empowers high school girls and college women in a male dominant sport, and it also drives new customers and brand engagement to the brand. 

Where will this ad appear?

This campaign will be set in strategic locations to drive young basketball athletes to purchase the clothing line. Online ads will be posted on social media on Lululemon’s accounts and Juju Watkins’s accounts. For OOH ads, some posters will be placed on high school and college campuses bus stops, subway billboards (a lot of students in big cities go to school through metro lines), and in big interactive billboards, especially located outside of basketball courts or arenas like in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Disclaimer: All content included in this page are for academic purposes and has no affiliation with Lululemon and Juju Watkins.