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Lululemon Announces Game-Changer New Women’s Basketball Apparel Line In Collaboration With Juju Watkins.

LOS ANGELES (March 15, 2024) – In a major move to redefine athletic wear for women, Lululemon, a leader in innovative athletic apparel, has announced its very first women’s apparel line for basketball athletes called “BasketBold: For Women” in collaboration with celebrated USC player Juju Watkins. This line is expected to hit every U.S. store by March 29, 2024. With ambitions of expanding the line worldwide, the company will first test the line in the U.S., and depending on its success, the company will launch the entire clothing line worldwide by the first quarter of 2025.  

Lululemon created BasketBold with the mission to provide young high school and university female basketball athletes a comfortable, safe, stylish, and game-changer clothing line. The Lululemon creative team has recognized an undeniable need for women’s basketball apparel that they can be comfortable with while playing this high-mobility sport. Additionally, by partnering with a forceful athlete like Juju Watkins and focusing on the specific needs of female basketball athletes, Lululemon is not just selling apparel, but it’s empowering women to showcase their personality, power, and fearfulness on the court. BasketBold is more than a clothing line—it’s a statement that Lululemon and Juju Watkins are committed to elevating women’s basketball, supporting female athletes everywhere, and teaching and inspiring young girls that nothing is impossible. 

BasketBold has been designed with cutting-edge designs catered specifically to the demands of basketball players. They utilized high-performance fabrics with advanced, breathable, and sweat-wicking materials that also offer durability and stretch. In addition, they incorporated materials with UV protection and antimicrobial properties so players can play indoors or outdoors. The outfits will be loose-fitting clothes that fit your waist perfectly and hang loosely to your knees or thereabouts. One quality that this line has that makes it stand out from other brands, is that all bottom wear clothing like leggings, shorts, and pants will protect them from any period leak or path showing. To increase comfort, Lululemon has included a heating material perfect to alleviate period cramps during game days or regular practice trainings. 

The company is also looking to support women’s desires to show their school spirit and their own personality by adding a custom-made tool where girls all over the country from high school to college, can customize their products with their personal names, the logo of their school, special numbers, and even colors. The line will be launched in a lot of custom-fit options as well, offering a range of sizes that cater to different body shapes and sizes, acknowledging the diversity among women athletes.

“Joining forces with Juju Watkins to reveal BasketBold: For Women has been an extraordinary journey for us at Lululemon. This collection signifies more than just a line of apparel; it embodies our commitment to empowering female athletes worldwide,” says Nikki Neuburger, Chief Brand Officer at Lululemon. “Lululemon’s number one priority is our consumers and we hope this new collection inspires women to try the sport and help players be at their best on the court. Together with Juju, we want to lead the change in redefining the narrative surrounding women in sports.”

This ambitious venture not only showcases Lululemon’s commitment to empowering female athletes with the best product, but the company has also established its commitment to younger generations by announcing that they will donate 35% of the proceeds from the clothing line to schools worldwide, supporting and promoting women in sports. 

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