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I bought the new Lululemon BasketBold: Wear Your Power collection. Was it worth it? 

Athlete girlies are familiar with new athletic apparel collections. Ever since athletic apparel has become the “it” outfit for girls to wear to high school and college, brands have been trying to keep up with the trend and have been realizing lines left to right. Lululemon is noticeably one of the favorite brands in this niche, but to my misfortune, I was not one of those girls with the trendy athletic outfit since 90% of the time I’m wearing my basketball clothes to school. So when I heard about Lululemon’s first basketball collection for girls like me, I had to have it

First of all, the name of the collection fits women in the sport perfectly “BasketBold: Wear Your Power.” Not just that, the brand has also teamed up with the basketball sensation, and my personal favorite player, Juju Watkins (Fight On Juju!), to create a line specifically designed for basketball female athletes with the needs that we have. BasketBold was created with cutting-edge designs and high-performance fabrics with advanced, breathable, and sweat-wicking materials that also offer durability and stretch. In addition, they incorporated materials with UV protection and antimicrobial properties so we can use the clothes on and off the court. One thing that stands out from my other basketball clothes is that Lululemon created this collection with technology that tackles period discomfort and leakage prevention. I KNOW! 

But does BasketBold: Wear Your Power actually delivers? One word. YES! As soon as I put on the shorts and shirt I felt the the difference from other brands. The fabric is smooth, breathable, and flexible, and the pants are comfortable and have a heating material to lessen period cramps. I could feel the high-quality materials. The outfits are also so comfortable because they are loose-fitting clothes that fit your waist perfectly and hang loosely to your knees or thereabouts. Additionally, I appreciated that I could customize the entire collection with my name and number, and my school’s colors and logo! 

However, for me, the clothes were not the best part of this collection, but the message stood out to me. BasketBold: Wear Your Power celebrates and empowers women and girls who are in the sport and inspires them to continue fighting for their goals and to do it with confidence. Lululemon and JuJu Watkins are inspiring a new generation of athletes to dream big and play bold. This collection is innovative and sets the bar high for other athletic apparel brands.

We’ve seen our lovely Juju wear the collection all the time, even when she is not training. Also, we’ve seen the Instagram posts, the ads all over the subway and at the bus shelters, and even in front of the Crypto Arena home of the Lakers. But the burning question remains, was it worth the hype? ABSOLUTELY YES! I can’t write enough about how amazing this line is and how empowered I feel every time I wear it. Please basketball girlies, do yourself a favor and go get BasketBold.

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