Tips for your very first Coachella

Oh…do you smell that? Is Coachella season! As the lineups just got released to the public a few weeks ago, everyone is getting their tickets, planning their trips, and outfits, and getting ready to see their favorite acts hit the stage. Nothing is better than relaxing with your friends, drinking a little bit of alcohol, enjoying the sun, and experiencing your favorite artists performing their hit songs. But as some might be already familiar with the famous music festival, some of you probably are going for the first time! The weekend in the desert might not go as you wanted if you don’t go prepared, so here are some important tips you should follow for your first Coachella. 


We get it. It’s Coachella, you are having fun and trying to see everything while taking some cute shots for your Instagram and you might forget, but you must stay hydrated throughout the day! The heat, the walking, and the alcohol mix can be dangerous if you don’t drink water. The rule is to drink 1 bottle of water every 2 hours. So drink up!

2. Sun Screen is a MUST

We don’t even have to tell you how important it is for you to wear sunscreen. It’s okay, you can still wear your fabulous makeup, but don’t forget to first apply a layer of sunscreen, and if you can wear makeup with SPF on it is even better. Don’t let a bad sunburn ruin the rest of your weekend! 

3. Wear comfortable shoes

The outfits are one of the things that people love preparing for the music festival and they like to go all out, however, here is a really good tip: Wear comfy shoes. You are going to be walking a lot, standing on your feet for ridiculous hours, and maybe even running from stage to stage, and you might want to do that with comfortable shoes and not 5 in high heels. 

4. Buy your merch on the first day!

PLEASE do this! You don’t want to spend hours on the merch line on the last day, or even on the second. The merch booths tend to be extremely crowded every night as all festival-goers head to the exit. Get your merch first thing in the morning on your first day and you’ll save lots of time! 

INDIO, CA – APRIL 13: Festivalgoers are seen during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 13, 2019 in Indio, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella)

5. Leave your medicine on the original packaging 

If you must bring any type of medicine, leave it on the original packaging. You definitely don’t want security to mistake it for illegal drugs and kick you out.  

6. Be smart with your phone battery!

We are sure you want to film all your favorite artists when they are on stage and take cute photos for your Instagram, but you should be mindful of your phone’s battery. Also, it is really annoying when you lose your friends and find out your phone is dead. There are no charging stations on the festival grounds, but there might be some at the campgrounds.  So, turn off your wi-fi, Bluetooth, and close all of your background apps.  You don’t need any of these battery-draining features kill your phone.

7. Rent a locker

If you are not going to camp, you should consider renting a locker. It is practical and convenient. You can store your sweaters and jackets (that you should definitely bring since it is a desert and it gets pretty cold at night) and stuff you don’t want to carry throughout the day. 

8. Leave early in the morning

This is another tip for non-campers. If you are staying off festival grounds, you should leave really early in the morning since you might hit some traffic on the way. You don’t want to miss a stage so wakey wakey!  

9. Plan your stages

Know that it might take some time to go from stage to stage, so if you want to see artists back to back be sure to plan dem accordingly to how it is going to take you to get there. 


You’ve been waiting for this moment for a whole year, so have fun! Enjoy this moment with your friends, buy that frozen watermelon and beer, and enjoy the amazing music. You deserve it!